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Choosing Your Obstetrician

Dr Adeline Chan Best Female Obstetrician Sydney

Choosing an obstetrician is a very personal choice. Your friends and family may offer you their personal recommendations. Your GP may also recommend someone based on your medical history. You can also google for private obstetricians near you or check out your nearest private hospital’s specialist obstetrician directory.

Having a baby is exciting and can also be an emotional time for you and the family. It is okay to take some time to find a private obstetrician who provides holistic pregnancy care, someone who is supportive and caring throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

What should I consider when choosing an obstetrician?

These are some good questions to consider when choosing the best obstetrician for you.

· Will the obstetrician be available for all your antenatal appointments and for the birth?

· Is there a group shared arrangement for your pregnancy care?

· Is your obstetrician available for you 24 hours a day and how do you contact them?

· What is the out of pocket costs?

· Where does your obstetrician deliver?

· Is the obstetrician’s rooms and private hospital for delivery convenient for you?

Whether it’s your first baby or baby number 5, every pregnancy is precious and having a baby is a very exciting experience. It is important you feel comfortable and confident with your obstetrician. The goal is for you to receive the best care possible and having a safe and comfortable birth environment for you and your baby.

Skills and Expertise of Your Obstetrician

All specialist obstetricians in Australia must be accredited by the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG).

To be a member of RANZCOG, it usually takes at least 13-14 years from the point he/ she begins their medical studies.

To receive a title of ‘Doctor’, they would need to complete basic medical training at a university and teaching hospital which would usually take 6 years. The doctor will then train in various specialties before making a specialty choice. After that, they would apply and would need to be selected to enter training. From there, the Obstetrics and Gynaecology training takes a minimum of at least further 6 years and two major specialty exams before they would qualify as a consultant obstetrician!

By the time he or she becomes a RANZCOG accredited obstetrician, they would have delivered over a 1, 000 babies.

Is your obstetrician’s practice and hospitals convenient for you?

You will generally have 12 – 13 antenatal appointments in your private obstetricians’ rooms during your pregnancy. The distance from your home or work to the obstetrician’s rooms or private hospital may be important to you.

Also, where is the obstetrician’s rooms in relation to their private hospitals where they do deliveries? Most obstetrician will have their rooms located near their private hospitals to reduce travel times between their clinic and to deliver a baby or babies.

Why a private obstetrician?

There are a lot of reasons why some women choose to have private obstetric care. This may include: -

· You have a high-risk pregnancy and have health concerns for you or your baby

· You want the same obstetrician throughout your pregnancy and beyond

· You want the same obstetrician to help you complete your family and deliver all your babies

· You want a specialist obstetrician rather than shared care by a team of training doctors and healthcare staff in a public hospital

· You have had previous difficult births

· You prefer to see a female obstetrician for personal or cultural reasons

It’s important you feel comfortable and at ease with your obstetrician. Feel confident to ask any questions about your pregnancy, your body and about your baby. Some women may feel more comfortable sharing intimate information with a female obstetrician. Some women may prefer to see an obstetrician who is also a mother, who has gone through pregnancies herself.

Dr Adeline Chan is a female obstetrician and gynaecologist in Sydney and being a mother of two beautiful boys, she’s aware that every pregnancy is different, and every mother requires comprehensive, compassionate personalised care.

She is passionate about helping all couples and women complete their families. She aims to provide the best possible holistic care to women throughout their pregnancy and beyond. She focuses on evidence-based care, consulting in a compassionate, caring and supportive manner.

She specialises in normal and high-risk obstetrics. Dr Chan’s rooms are convenient located within Norwest Private Hospital and she delivers babies at Norwest Private Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital.

Feel free to leave us a message at or call our friendly staff at 02 9629 3559 if you have any questions that may be important to you prior to choosing your obstetrician.


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