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Exercising in Pregnancy

Exercising in pregnancy by Dr Adeline Chan female obstetrician Sydney

Exercise in pregnancy doesn’t need to be the high powered 5km runs, or the lunges or weight lifting. Simple things like walking or swimming is good. Try to do some form of exercise for about 30 minutes a day, on most days if you can. Remember, staying healthy and active is good for the pregnancy.

If you were not physically active before the pregnancy, start with gentle exercises like walking or swimming. Some might consider prenatal yoga or aqua classes. If you were previously very active, speak to your doctor or midwife about your exercise and if it’s ok to continue.

Taking care during exercise in pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the hormonal changes in the body may increase your change of an injury as your joints and ligaments are softer to accommodate the growing baby. Therefore, high impact exercises are generally avoided in pregnancies.

Pelvic Floor Exercise in Pregnancy

Now, there’s not only these exercise that we recommend. We also recommend that you start looking after your pelvic floor muscles, to reduce the risk of urinary leakage in the future. Sometimes, a referral to a pelvic floor/pregnancy physiotherapist might be helpful.

Importantly, exercising during pregnancy provides numerous benefits including better weight control, improved mental health and faster recovery after labour. Regular exercise may also decrease the risk of pregnancy related complications such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension and pre-eclampsia.

Do consult your obstetrician, doctor or midwife prior to starting any exercise routines.

Dr Adeline Chan at Arete Health is a female obstetrician in Sydney, serving the Western Sydney and Hills District region.

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