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Pain Relief

There are many ways that one can use to help manage pain in labour. It really depends on what you would like to use. Mobilization Often in early stages of labour, mobilization is a good option. Often, you may find that you are more comfortable in a certain position (squatting, sitting, rocking, pacing etc) and you can move freely to help manage the pain. For some women, they can do this throughout the whole labour. Water and Heat Some might experience mainly back pain with their labours and heat packs might sometimes help with this. Water immersion can also assist with this TENS Machine This is a device that comes in a little box with wires attached to sticky pads that can be attached to the body. It delivers small electrical impulses to the body. It is a safe option in labour and can either be rented or purchased. Water injections An area of the lower back is injected in 4 spots with sterile water to provide some relief. This option is safe but is not widely available as midwives need to be trained for this procedure.

Nitrous Oxide This is often known as the “laughing gas” and is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. It provides relief during the time it is used, and wears off quite quickly once you inhaling it. Morphine Morphine injections is an strong pain relief that can help reduce the pain significantly, less likely completely removing it. It can last for about 3-4 hours. Baby can sometimes get sleepy from it and is therefore not often given if birth is likely to be within 2-4 hours from the intended injection. Epidural An epidural involves having a medication put through a tiny tube in your back. The medications will alter the sensation in the body from under the breast onwards all the way to the feet. This takes away the contraction pain during labour, but at the same time you will also not be able to walk as you won’t be able to feel your legs. A tube will also be inserted to help drain your bladder during this time. The tube is left in your back throughout the labour, so that medications can be added over time if required.


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