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Planning For Pregnancy

Exciting times for couples ahead.

Preconception health and health care:

You should focus on things that can be done before and between pregnancies to increase the chances of having a healthy baby. Addressing the health of women and their partners prior to pregnancy, is increasingly recognized as an essential element to achieve healthy outcomes for mothers and their children.

Few simple strategies that I recommend are:

1.Folic Acid 400 mcgm to be taken daily- this is available over the counter and this simple remedy can prevent some issues of brain and spine development (neural tube defects and spina bifida).

2. Maintain healthy weight- optimising BMI between 20-25. Eat a healthy balanced diet.

3. Optimisation of general health especially any pre-existing illnesses- making sure if you are on any medications, you take ones that are safe in pregnancy.

4. Regular exercise- about 150 minutes per week or about 30 minutes of exercise on most days of week

5. Vaccinations- check with your healthcare provider if you are upto date with your shots.

6. Healthy lifestyle- making the right choices- quit smoking, cease alcohol intake and avoid any environmental toxins

7. Genetic carrier screening- if one or both partners of a reproductive couple are carriers for a genetic condition, they may have a significant chance of having affected children. A simple blood test can help identify risk of serious condition in children like Cystic fibrosis.

Keep these considerations in mind when you are planning a pregnancy. Speak to your GP about it. Dr Mansoor is happy to discuss things further and support you and your family to feel prepared for this exciting journey.


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